Monday, July 25, 2011


Watch Company can design the best looking watch cases, have perfect ingenious movements, have dials that are pleasing to the eye, but all this is meaningless if they cannot bring the product to The Market Place effectively.

Rolex were Masters at Marketing. Perhaps the most notable marketing event in Rolex history belongs to the Rolex Deep Sea Special, a huge – 57mm by 40mm by 39mm - Submarine-derived watch.

They took their cue from the World of Formla 1 Motor Racing, and understood that a Prototype Dive Watch had to be developed that would need to:-

- survive some of the harshest Deep Sea conditions know to Man

- achieve a World Dive Record and still be waterproof and functional

- be linked with an Historic Achievement

- resulting in World Wide Pubilicity.

Linking up with the Piccard Family was the perfect long term stratergy.

Since the early 1920s, Rolex had worked on the development of waterproof watches, the famous Oyster models. To put their Prototype Rolex Deep Sea Special on a trial on which no other watch had ever been, they contacted Professor Piccard to test watches during his diving experiments. Piccard accepted and Rolex engineers developed a watch fitted with a special case and a domed crystal in order to hold up to extreme pressure. Because of the tremendous pressure, the depth a diver can reach without special equipment is very limited; the deepest recorded dive by a skin diver is 127 meters (417 ft). To explore even greater depths, deep-sea explorers are forced to use specially constructed steel chambers to protect them. The Deep Sea Special was designed focusing on the same guidelines as a Bathyscaphe, in other words it was a specially pressurised constructed steel chambers to protect the movement and dial.

According to Rolex Geneva Archives, a small series of Deep Sea Special Watches were developed and participated in Piccards Bathyscaphe Dives in 1950, 1953 and 1960.

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